Promoting the raising of farm animal outside on mixed pasture.

Regeneratively raised animals are encouraged to eat a more diverse diet. This increases the microbial diversity in the animal's gut which increases its ability to digest a wide variety of feeds which, in turn, improves food conversion efficiency and immune function.

Regenerative agriculture promotes the raising of farm animal outside on mixed pasture and especially pasture with trees. Here animals have a variety of grasses, herbs and other plants on which to graze and forage from. Such animals thrive as they live a more natural life than livestock kept in cramp, boring conditions indoors for much or indeed all their lives.

Sadly, the numbers of intensively raised animals are on the rise, both here and abroad. They are usually fed on grains and other products which are not what their stomachs are best adapted to digest. They can’t act naturally and become weak through lack of proper exercise. If farming duck, they should have a lake or pond to enjoy, pigs should be able to able to forage, they are as or even more intelligent than dogs, chicken should be able to scratch around, turkeys should be able to stretch their wings and roost. It is understandable that animals may sometimes need to come inside but this should be kept to a minimum and their environment should be both safe and enriching.

Regeneratively raised animals have more space in which to roam, they are therefore fitter, don’t require antibiotics as often and are probably happier.

Regeneratively raised animals tend to integrate into a farming system where their meat, eggs, milk etc is a part, rather than the whole financial income. The ecological services they offer are part of this system too. As they tend not to be bored, aggressive and overcrowded, they are far less likely to need antibiotics, have leg issues, need tails cut off, teeth removed etc.

Sadly, much of the animal produce sold in the UK does not come from animals that have had a happy, comfortable life but thankfully more people are growing aware of this.

Healthier animals generally need more space, so we need to reduce our meat consumption. If, free range, organic, 100% Pasture Fed meat is chosen you are supporting healthier animals and consuming healthier food. See Regenerate You and Yours for more details.