A healthy life and a healthy planet

When thinking about eating for a healthy life and a healthy planet, the way that our food is produced is of crucial importance.


Health Benefits of Regenerative Agriculture

Health benefits of Regenerative agriculture or Regeneratively produced crops will, on the whole, be higher in nutrients,  than those grown in soils lacking microbial life because these lifeforms break down material to make nutrients available for plants. If they are lacking, nutrients too will be lacking.

It is impossible to add all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements artificially and adding artificial fertilisers reduces the need for plants to work for their food, which in turn makes them weaker. If soil is healthy, the whole food chain is healthier and supports more life also.

Meat from cattle, sheep and poultry raised in more natural environments, on mixed pasture and amongst trees has a range of health benefits, as well as being a big contributor to carbon drawdown and biodiversity enhancement – whereas factory farming of animals has severely harmful effects on the planet and is less healthy.

For more information please read, ‘Regenerate You & Yours’ and about, ‘Soil’ in the Learn More’ section.

For more information please read Regenerate You and Yours and about, Soil in the Learn More section.